Use Microsoft Project for more than gathering and storing data

Use Microsoft Project for more than gathering and storing data

Use Microsoft Project for more than gathering and storing data

Business software applications have made almost every job easier in the last 30 years. From simple tasks like writing a letter to complex jobs like calculating taxes, there’s software to speed up the process and improve accuracy.

Project managers have made use of specialized business applications too, most notably Microsoft Project and Basecamp. Think of the time and effort you’d have to invest to draw and label timelines by hand. Thanks to the specialized software, we can create them right on the computer, organize them, store them, call up the information in an instant and share the files with others.

But as valuable as these tools are for project management, they are only about collecting, saving and reporting data. Management is not about gathering data, it’s about making decisions. Specifically, it’s about juggling three constraints: the available budget, the available time and the project’s features (or objectives).

Real project management software as used by would help you evaluate a plan and recommend improvements. It would help you audit your plan so you could spot potential problems and make corrections in advance.

That’s what Smartbox has created.

Our Project Scheduling Smart Assistant makes an objective evaluation of your project plan’s strengths, then recommends improvements based on the best practices we’ve gathered from of other project managers. It reacts to changes in a project schedule and notifies you of any nonconformity.

You still make the decisions, so you are still in control.

With the Smart Assistant, you become more efficient, which lets you get out from behind your computer and stay in contact with your project’s resources and stakeholders.


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paul jake

February 27, 2018 at 6:12 am

short content but i learn a lot. thanx

veronica Kusher

April 18, 2018 at 12:08 pm

you are absolutely right,Microsoft Project is a helping tool.