Get your own project smart assistant !

Scheduling must be detailed, organized, and be the result of team participation, and like the real world, schedules always change and get reprioritised according to new situations. It stands to reason that if no-one is in charge of scheduling then no-one is managing the project.

What are PSSA’s main features ?

What is it that makes an expert better? We believe it is the repeated use of best practices and standards.

Scheduling is based on experience and the more experience you have, the more accurate your schedule will be. Each organization performs different types of project work, reports on it differently, and uses the schedule for different purposes. To help create reliable, high-quality schedules, a consistent use of best practices is the key.

Reduce the risk of project failure

Depending on the size, projects can cost millions of dollars and take many months or years to complete. Given the cost, resources and time required, risks due to project management process mishaps must be eliminated. Timely decisions based on reliable project data will reduce risks greatly.

Maximize the probability of project success

Project Scheduling Smart Assistant provides contextual advice based on your actual project plan’s strength so you can move forward with peace of mind.

Prevent problems

Executed during the project, mentoring can be preventive because there is still an opportunity for correction and intervention. Project Scheduling Smart Assistant will identify the project plan’s weaknesses and recommend the proper best practice.

Correct the course

Done in real time, Project Scheduling Smart Assistant can detect the troubled areas and identify what may have caused problems. PSSA will propose alternative courses of action that can ensure that the project is re-aligned to achieve its goals.