Manage Projects

Manage Projects

Manage Projects

I am not a project manager, but I manage projects!

We believe managing projects is becoming an additional skill set for IT practitioners and is moving away from a being a unique specialty. Technical specialists, whose area of expertise lie in the technical or business fields, must now apply some basic knowledge of project management scheduling in their everyday work.

If the last paragraph rings true, go on, PSSA is for YOU.

While today’s project management best practices and standards are very elaborate, they do not target YOU, the “casual project manager”. At Smartbox Software, our goal is to equip YOU with a tool set that complements your learned skills with the basic principles of the project scheduling discipline.

Microsoft Project Interaction

Interact directly with Microsoft Project to pinpoint scheduling problems and correct them.

High-Speed Analysis

Get an audit of your project plan in a matter of seconds.

Real-Time Reviews

Review your project plan against PM scheduling best practices while you are working on it.

Threaded Results

Advice and tips are threaded based on each element of your project plan.

Our aim is not to blind you with a complex vision of project management but rather to give you a tool set that will increase your scheduling maturity in the blink of an eye.

Using Project Scheduling Smart Assistant, a Microsoft Project add-on, you will become the next super hero IT PM  in your organization: able to deliver your projects on-time and on-budget.